Pete Chatmon, made his feature film debut with the romantic dramedy “Premium”. The film stars Dorian Missick (TNT’s “SouthLAnd”, “The Bounty Hunter”), Zoe Saldana (“Avatar”, “Star Trek”), and Hill Harper (CBS’s “CSI: NY”).

D7I created a grassroots campaign to finance the film and after navigating a successful run on the festival circuit, secured a limited theatrical exhibition, Showtime Networks premiere, and worldwide DVD release.

Cool is a struggling actor fed up with stereotypical African-American roles. While pumping gas to make ends meet, he collides with his ex-fiancé after 3 years of silence. She is getting married in 36 hours. As the clock ticks on his life, love, and career, Cool finds he must take on the biggest “role” of his life to win her back.

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