Pete Chatmon is Executive Producing this feature documentary debut from filmmaker Christopher Everett. Double7 Squad members C3 Stories will be hopping on to the post-production edit very soon (more news to come on that).

In the meantime, WECT6 in North Carolina did a segment on the film and if the comment section on their website says anything, there’s going to be a LOT of debate and conversation around this film. Click the LINK below to read the comments.

Everett, who grew up in near-by Lumberton, explained that Wilmington was the state’s largest city and it was predominately African-American. According to Everett, many black-owned businesses and homes were burnt to the ground during the massacre, which is why he is calling the film Wilmington on Fire. He says the massacre forever changed the course of the city. Everett said there are no records of how many people were killed and he said it was one of Wilmington’s best-kept secrets. That was until 2006, when it became known to the public following a report from the North Carolina general assembly.

WECT, weather

(Read The Comments)

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