Alon Simcha, a buddy of ours from the NYU Film School days recently produced this project. That fact, plus the fact that it ends in our headquarters of Jersey City ensured it real estate on the D7I blog.

ABOUT the project: Hop into the locomotive of the GE Juice Train and check out the view as its 48 hour trip from Florida to New Jersey is accelerated into just a few minutes in this time lapse video. How would you transport over 500,000 gallons of orange juice? For more than 40 years, the juice train has been transporting OJ on 1,200 miles of rail from Bradenton, Florida to the Tropicana freight depot in Greenville, New Jersey. Today, a CSX train powered by the GE Evolution locomotive hauls 41 refrigerated cars carrying enough juice to provide every person in New York City with a glass of Florida OJ. It’s easy to just pick up a carton of OJ at your grocery store but take a front row seat and see just how far Tropicana orange juice travels, rain or shine, to make it to your breakfast table.

(Learn more about how GE Works)

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