At D7I our motto is “Putting Story First” and the place where that all begins should be your personal narrative. There are a bunch of great platforms that help you present your experiences and best face with elegant design.

VIA Inc. Magazine: Chances are good that your bio on the company website includes little more than a headshot, title, and career history. A new breed of service lets you create personal webpages that encompass your entire online life. Then you can include the link in your e-mail signature. Here are three options to suit different needs.

Check out Inc.’s article entitled “Your Online Bio, Supercharged” to get their thoughts on, RebelMouse, and Vizify. We’ve been all over for a couple years now and the Squad is looking forward to checking out the other two.



Let us know what you think and link us to your pages as you create them!

(Inc. Magazine Article)

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